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ZC 32 Descaler C+
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 ZC 32 is a modern decalcifier to remove lime-scale and sludge from cooling- and heating and hot water systems, like air-conditioning units, boilers, heaters and coffee machines.

 A treatment with ZC 32 will save costs. A lime scale build up of 1 mm in a circulation system can reduce the heat transfer by 20% and will costs hundreds of euros extra a year for energy and maintenance.  Because the product is highly concentrated and effective in small amounts it is very economical in use. 

ZC 32 is part of the new 3000 Series. A range of acid cleaning and decalcifying products that have many advantages in comparison to conventional products:

ZC 32:

  •  Does not contain hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, formic acid or combinations thereof.
  •  Does not attack metals like copper, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc and chromium of a good quality.
  •  Does not discolour plastic surfaces and carpeting of a good quality.
  •  Is not classed as dangerous goods regarding transport, labelling and storage.
  •  When used as directed, the product is not irritating or corrosive to skin. (outside of allergic reactions) 
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