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Hotels Bars & Restaurants

Hotels, Bars & Restaurants Wilton Technology supplies a full range of detergents,...

Pharmaceutical & Industrial

Pharmaceutical & Industrial Wilton Technology has a long and trusted tradition of supplying products to the Pharmaceutical & Industrial Sector. The products range from IPA Sprays and Lint Free Wipes to Industrial Detergents like MC 88 (Degreaser), Beitsta (Stainless Steel Cleaner) and ...

Food & Beverage Production

Food & Beverage Production Wilton Technology has many years experience in supplyin...

Leisure Centres

Leisure Centres Wilton Technology supply many leisure centres with a diverse ran ...

Residential Care Homes

 Residential Care and Retirement Homes We supply a diverse range of products t&#...

Creches Schools & Colleges

Crèches, Schools & Colleges Items supplied here include all paper products, to&...

Construction Industry

Construction Industry ZC 47 is used in many Quarries around the Country for the removal of cement & mortar residues from tanks, barrels, bottles, drums of ready-mix trucks, plant and machinery. Both Cement & Mortar Residue Remover and Merox are ideal for treating efflorescence from bri...

Algae Management

Algae Management Our Algae Remover (trade name: Roloxid 10) is an ideal product for treating the unsightly green algae that can be seen all around us. Algae Remover may be used on concrete, playground surfaces, tennis courts, tiles, headstones, sandstone, metal, wood (perfect for decking ...

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