Posted by Wilton Technology on Friday 11 March 2016

 50 Shades of Green

Now that Spring is around the corner and the days are getting longer, its time to tackle the green algae that has appeared around us over the winter period.

Apart from looking unsightly, this green surface can pose a serious slip hazard and risk of injury. This is especially so on timber decking, steps, pathways, tennis courts and all weather pitches.

Wilton Technology is the supplier of Eco-tec Algae Remover (technical name is Roloxid 10). Eco-tec Algae Remover is the ideal solution for this problem.

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this product.

What is Eco-tec Algae Remover?

Eco-tec Algae Remover is a liquid mixture that contains a biocide for the effective removal of algae on a variety of surfaces.

How does Eco-tec Algae Remover work?

Eco-tec Algae Remover works by disrupting the intermolecular interactions of the algae, breaking down cell walls and causing the cells to leak and die.

On what surfaces can it be used?

Eco-tec Algae Remover may be used on most surfaces including timber decking, steps, pathways, tennis courts, all weather pitches, tarmac, sandstone, limestone, headstones, paving slabs, playground surfaces, building façades and brickwork.

How do I use Eco-tec Algae Remover?

Dilute 1:10 to 1:25 in a knapsack sprayer or watering can. If using on heavy moss, brush off growth to expose moss stem before treatment. Apply Eco-tec Algae Remover to dry surfaces only and preferrable when the temperature is over 6 degrees. Do not apply if rain is expected in next 6-7 hours  Allow a contact time of 3-5 days.

What is the coverage rate of Eco-tec Algae Remover?

Approximate coverage by diluting one litre with ten litres of water in a knapsack is 50M²

How long does Eco-tec Algae Remover take to work?

Eco-tec Algae Remover begins working right away. Effects can usually be seen within 24/36 hours depending on the dilution, application and level of infestation. Allow 3-5 days for full effect.

How long will the treatment last for?

Eco-tec Algae Remover can inhibit the growth of algae for up to 6 months. The effective time varies, based on numerous factors including humidity, wet weather, available light, proximity to overhead trees/bushes, etc.

Will Eco-tec Algae Remover stain my tarmac driveway?

No, Eco-tec Algae Remover does not contain bleach so it is safe to use on tarmac without causing stains.

Will Eco-tec Algae Remover work on my roof?

Eco-tec Algae Remover is ideal for removing algae, lichen etc. from all roofs. This includes slate, shingles, tiles, felt, lead, corrugated sheets etc. Eco-tec Algae Remover is suitable for flat or sloped roofs.

Will it affect grass?

Eco-tec Algae Remover is not a weed killer but may discolour some grasses. This is only a temporary situation.

Can I use it to remove algae from my garden pond which contains goldfish?

No, the product should be used with care around ponds as it can damage aquatic life.

I have green algae on my walls – if I power wash the wall, can I then paint over it?

Although the wall may appear clean after power washing, the algae is still growing on the surface which means if you paint the wall then the algae will come out through it. Always treat the surface first with Eco-tec Algae Remover and leave it for a week before you paint it.

Is Eco-tec Algae Remover suitable for Domestic/Commercial/Industrial use?

Eco-tec Algae Remover is suitable for use in any domestic, commercial or industrial environment. We supply private householders as well as a large number of cleaning, gardening and landscaping businesses. We also supply schools, colleges, pharmaceutical plants and factories.

When can I apply Eco-tec Algae Remover?

Eco-tec Algae Remover can be applied any period of the year except in extremely cold weather (less than 6 degrees centigrade). Early spring or late autumn is an ideal time of the year to treat and remove any unsightly green algae and brighten up those areas. Do not use if rain is expected as the rain will wash away the product and you will have to start all over again.

How safe is Eco-tec Algae Remover?

Eco-tec Algae Remover contains no bleach or acid, it’s entirely water soluble and antibacterial. We suggest that you remove children and pets from the area until the product dries-in. For further information please see our Safety Data Sheet.

Where Can I Buy Eco-tec Algae Remover?

Eco-tec Algae Remover is available from Wilton Technology in Grange Farm, Ovens, Ballincollig, Cork. P31 T285

Can I buy in bulk?

Yes! We can supply in large volume containers and in pallet quantities. If you have specific requirements please call 021 4810 688.

What are your Courier delivery times?

Whenever possible, orders placed before 12pm will be shipped the same day. Orders placed in late afternoon or evening will be shipped next day. The vast majority of orders arrive the day after they are shipped.

Contact Us...

You can contact Wilton Technology on 021 4810688 or by email at [email protected] if you require further information on Eco-tec Algae Remover.


Algae and Moss Remover is approved for use in Ireland by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine - PCS no: 94843.

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