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Why Solids ?
Why Solids ? - €0.00

Solid Technology has allowed manufacturers to overcome virtually all of the problems and disadvantages of Liquid and Powder Detergents. 

Advantages of Solids
  • Better Products
  • Lower Costs
  • Controlled Usage
  • Improved Safety
  • Reduced Storage Requirement
Better Products:
  • Due to unique manufacturing processes only applicable in the manufacture of solid detergents, the most effective blend of ingredients can be used, allowing for easier lifting and dissolving of soils on contact.
Lower Costs:
  • With the unique dispensing systems and product ingredients, each container produces more in use solution than Liquid and Powder equivalents.
Controlled Usage:
  • Solid Products can only be dispensed and diluted using specialist dispensing equipment, removing the risk of over use associated with free pouring and hand mixing.
Improved Safety:
  • Solid Detergents are the safest form of detergents available. Solids cannot be spilled, splashed or mixed by hand, greatly reducing the potential for employee contact with chemicals.
Reduced Storage Requirement:
  • With the higher concentration of Solid Detergents less is required to do the same job compared to Liquids and Powders. This means huge savings are made on the limited storage space available within most commercial kitchens.


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