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ZC 47 Cement & Mortar Residue Remover
ZC 47 Cement & Mortar Residue Remover - €0.00


Developed for the removal of Cement & Mortar residues from the drums and barrels of ready-mix trucks, plant machinery and fork lift trucks. Ideal for use in Quarries and Building Sites

ZC 47 is also ideal to clean aluminium and stainless steel surfaces like sheets, machinery in the food industry, parts, tanks, pipework, trucks etc. Oxidation, pollution, lime-scale and atmospheric pollution can be removed quickly and safely with ZC 47, without leaving smears behind.

It removes efflorescence from brickwork and cement residues/limescale from brickwork facades, tile floors, walls and concrete surfaces etc. The product is also very suitable to remove oil, grease and rust out of concrete floors and tile paving.

It is available in 5, 25 or 200 Litre Containers

A Syphon pump is available for both 25 and 200 Litre containers

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