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Durx Wipes
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  • 12x12 Durx 670 Wiper, 150/Pack, 10 Packs/CS.
  • Superior strength and absorbency make Durx® 670 an ideal choice for a general purpose wiper.
  • Manufactured without the use of binders or surfactants, ion levels and organic extractables remain low.
  • Durx 670® can be used for cleaning and maintenance in laboratories, aerospace, defense electronics, food processing, computer assembly and semiconductor, circuit board, pharmaceutical, and biomedical device manufacture.
  • Composition and Attributes: Hydroentangled 55% cellulose/45% polyester. Smooth, highly sorbent and durable. No secondary binders. Critical combination of the synthetic polyester strength with the absorbent characteristics of cellulose. Works well with IPA and other solvents.
  • Applications: Recommended for use in ISO Class 5 (Class 100) Cleanroom Applications. Absorbent low particle work surface material. Ideal for cleaning work surfaces and spill pickup. General purpose wiping and polishing of surface areas, including optics. Steam autoclavable for use in aseptic areas


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